Doesn’t Guarantee People Will Figure Out Your Plan

Doesn’t Guarantee People Will Figure Out Your Plan

By Carolina A.

I found a great TEFL school in Prague, TEFL Worldwide Prague, and I did some minor calculations and decided the best time to go would be in November.  I signed up, got accepted, asked lots of questions, and one afternoon I booked a flight to Prague.  No return ticket.

Now, I am not someone who likes to clue people in on my plans.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I like to have the option to change the plans?  Whatever the reason, I decided to keep the information that I was moving abroad to teach English to myself for a little bit and drop hints for a while.  The most common hint I dropped was at work.  I literally planned my entire trip and did all of my correspondence with the TEFL school at the front desk of the hotel I worked at and I told people I was going on a trip to Europe in November.  They knew when I was going I just didn’t mention the end date.  No one really asked either, they were just excited to hear about what I had planned and where I would go.  Everyone knew I was planning to come to Prague but no one questioned why I hadn’t requested any days off.  I started greeting my coworkers, friends, and parents with “Ahoj!” and they all thought I was emulating a pirate.  I started putting together an “Everything You Should Know How to Do Before I Leave” binder and I started actively reminding people of passwords and protocol and no one questioned it.  When my boss pulled me aside to talk about a possible new position he wanted to create for me, I replied enthusiastically, “thank you for thinking of me” without actually accepting the position.  

I actually told my mom about my plan as I bought my ticket but I made her promise to let me tell the rest of my family so I called my dad and sister about a month and a half before I left and started the conversation with “Ahoj!  By the way, I’m moving to Prague!”  They were excited and wanted to plan a trip to come see me as soon as possible.  My friends were a little more fun to mess with.  About a week before I put in my notice to quit my job (in the USA you only have to give 2 weeks notice) I asked my friends to meet me for margaritas.  One of them couldn’t come and I started my conversation with my friends saying, “gosh, I wish she would come since I’m only going to be here a little while longer.”  They nodded along until they realized what I said and they asked the expected question, “what do you mean only a little longer?  Are you moving back to Colorado?”  I replied, “no friends, I’m moving to Prague.”  Insert jaw drop and bulging eyes and then my friend yelling “EXCUSE ME, WHAT?”

I put in my notice two days later.  Soon, the halls of the hotel were buzzing with the news.  People who I had a good work relationship with but I didn’t see often would seek me out and ask if it was true that I was moving to Prague.  I was approached in our cafeteria and asked if I was the girl who was moving to Europe.  My bosses asked me to write down things I knew how to do that others didn’t and I pulled out my “Everything You Should Know Before I Leave” binder, all set, and beautiful (having worked on it for about 3 months before, that thing had to be beautiful).

I left the USA on Halloween 2018 with two completely packed suitcases.  


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