• An English teacher
  • A German teacher
  • A teacher of Czech for foreigners
  • A Spanish teacher
  • An Italian teacher
  • A French teacher

Why work at BSJ?

We offer:

  • Various teaching opportunities throughout the whole year. We provide individual and public courses, company courses, preparation for exams, weekend courses, intensive courses and summer courses
  • Teaching in classes at Moskevská 1, Prague 10 (tram stop “Ruská”, just 4 min from metro station Náměstí Míru), also teaching at students or companies throughout Prague
  • Methodological support and personal development
  • Regular webinars
  • The latest teaching materials, fully equipped classes (smart board, textbooks, photocopier, CD player, Wi-Fi, games and other materials for teaching children)
  • Fair rates
  • As little commuting as possible; preferably we offer you courses in a location where you live or already have classes
  • Reimbursement of commuting outside the Prague PID
  • Out-of-school activities

We are a language school where we care about each client and colleague and we lay emphasis on personal and individual approach.

We have been teaching since 2008. Come and join us!

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Reference from our lectors

A family attitude

Andrey L.

Great people!

Jake B.

Monika is great!

Sarah L.

My most interesting students have been at BSJ.

Daniel Z.

When I first started working with BSJ I told them that I was interested in teaching kids from ages 8-18 and I was offered lots of classes in that age range and when a prospective student asked about a teacher able to teach that age I was someone they thought of immediately. You have a great and fairly instant connection with the people that work there and the classrooms are lovely and tidy.

Carolina A.

BSJ is a nice school, students who come to BSJ generally want to learn.

Daniel Y.

Because of the great way of directing the whole company. They have always been very nice to me, there has never been a problem, it’s a smaller company so it’s more like a family, they always try to match your plans, you have a lot of free time.

Eliška V.

Because of kindly staff and lecturers.

Michael Z.

The staff is extremely kind and helpful.

Charles William S.

Working for BSJ means working with amazing people and having a truly colourful job which is always exciting, interesting and never dull.

Rebecca Ž.

Because the relationship between the teachers is very friendly and the school is a very cosy place to teach.

Francesca G.

It is a decent school close to the city centre.

Alexandra Z.

Minimal bureaucracy, premises in a good location, flexibility based upon an agreement with students.

Jiří K.

Vstřícní lidé, fajn prostředí, dobré podmínky k výuce… 🙂

Pavla D.

Přátelský kolektiv a lektoři.

Aleš N.

Je to příjemná, malá a rodinná jazyková škola s individuálním přístupem jak ke studentovi tak k lektorům.

Martin J.

Protože firma je ústretová vůči lektorům a komunikace je vedena v milém tóně.

Mira Š.

Protože se snažíme udržet si osobní přístup a vyjít lektorům a studentům vstříc

Monika E.

Velmi příjemné vedení školy, vždy se snaží vyjít vstříc

František L.
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